• Chupa Chups Slouchy Tote Bag

    Chupa Chups

  • £29.99

  • Description

    These Chupa Chups slouchy Chupa Chups slouchy tote bags are screen printed on one side in the surf style, with a blank reverse. 

    Each bag has a single heavy duty cotton canvas shoulder strap and ties shut from both sides. Inside the cotton Chupa Chups lining bears the trademark flower shape and hearts in subtle, light yellow hues, and there is also a zipped inner pocket for valuables.

    A superb throwback to the 70s with a contemporary twist, each Chupa Chups slouchy tote bag comes with a set of badges for your own embellishment as you wish.

    For the person who lives both physically and mentally at the beach ; )

    Measures 35 cm x 35 cm.

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