• Jordi Labanda Heyday Propelling Pencil

    Jordi Labanda

  • £5.75

  • Description

    Technical drawing aided by a creative genius - Jordi Labanda.

    Heyday Mechanical Pencils match the pens range too, so you can accessorise with ease.

    Choose from six different colours, all with a metallic coloured barrel;

    • Metallic Orange
    • Metallic Green
    • Metallic Silver
    • Metallic Red
    • Metallic Purple
    • Metallic Blue
    Manufactured by Inoxcrom, not only are these great gifts, practical, fashionable and fun, but you can be sure, the best quality.

    Each of the Jordi Labanda mechanical pencils comes in its own Heyday sleeve to protect it from your other funky accessories!

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