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    The Kukuxumusu laptop bag Mikulo - the monkey taking a snapshot of his derriere has to be an all time favourite of mine!

    Hysterical? Well we thought so too, so if your husband, boyfriend, mate, partner or pal likes to go ape, and is a bit of an arse - perhaps this is the pressie for them!

    Ideal gift for a man, a computer fan, someone playful, a nature lover (!), a keen photographer (!!!!) or just someone who needs a new bag......whatever your reason, this is fabulous.

    Of course let's not be sexist - it's equally suited to a woman, with a keen sense of irony and wit, immaculate sense of humour and a taste for fashion!

    It's just full of pockets. On the front there is a zipped pocket and a velcroed one running the full width of the bag whilst one on the back has room not just for documents but secretly hides some shoulder straps so that it doubles up as a backpack, plus the back has a zip running two thirds of the way round to open up as an extra large pocket!

    Inside the padded interior sports two huge padded pockets plus another smaller zipped pocket. The entire padded centre section can lift out for those of you who might not want such huge protection.

    Each laptop bag measures 380 x 295 x 65mm closed and 380 x 295 100mm open.

    It's the best gift for a man we've seen in a long time!

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