• Pacha - Reversible Belt Sets


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    Pacha belt sets make the funkiest fashion accessories for understated cool, from the way they are presented to the branded belt buckle, to the patterned textile.

    Ooze cool with these great Pacha belt sets, in effect four belts for the price of two! Each set comes in its own presentation packaging - a distressed, faded brown paper look, with a window to the groovy Pacha merchandise within and, best of all, both belts are reversible!

    Each Female Pacha Belt set  contains a classic white belt with Pacha Ibiza cherries and a bright camouflage in white, green, blue and pink. They reverse to become  a basic red and white Pacha Ibiza cherries belt and a Pacha lifestyle statement in deep pink and white declaring - For A Life As Full And Sweet As Gleaming Cherries!

    One size fits Small, Medium and Large. The metal belts are Pacha also branded.

  • Pacha - Reversible Belt Sets
  • Pacha - Reversible Belt Sets

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